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Bjärton Acoustic Steelstring model FL-50. 1966.

All solid woods off course & nitro finish.Upgraded with genuine unbleached bone saddle and brass pins..Great sounding and playing vintage Bjärton! Nize fingerboard and bridge.TT hardcase.. 5900 SEK


Björn CLERN TLE Deluxe -72 Custom, ooak (One Of A Kind). New.

Bullit neck.Genuine Nitrocellulosa lackad lättvikts "SwampAsh" kropp.Cherry Red.Rosewood greppbräda med lönn baksida med medium C tjocklek och med höga vintage band.Handslipad riktig bensadel för bästa ton.Vintage typ humbucker i halsläget med alnico 5. Customlindad stall mik med alnico 5.Nickel mikkåpor.Push-pull pots på båda ton kontrollerna för fler sound.Vintage typ "Hardtail" stall med 6 intonerbara sadlar i rätt pressad stål på stallbas av stål.Gotoh vintage relic Kluson type stämskruvar.Svart plektrumskydd.Hardcase i svart lädertolex med röd plysch lyxig insida med Clern logo stickat på insidan.10-46 & intonerad.Byggd på Katarinavägen av bc & perfekt injusterad oxå.Nitro lackad i Nacka av bc & team."ooak" (One Of A Kind) betyder att varje exemplar är unikt, ej serietillverkat.Lätt relik behandlad för en inspelad känsla.Passa på! ..


Fender Jaguar. 1965.

Sunburst.Neck marked:1 AUG 65B.Original logo & doubbleline Kluson tuners.Original upper pots.Original bridge & stringdamper.Lower pots correct 1 meg CTS (from 2009).Original blackbobbin pickups sound great.Reissue tortoise pickguard.Original black Hardcase.CITES cert incl. . Superdeal 29500 SEK

Fender Telecaster -52 copy by Shine W160. New.

Correct Ash body for great twangy Telecaster sound.Natural finish.Wilkinsson vintage bridge with compensated brass saddles!Kluson type tuners.Thin maple neck with flatter radius for lower stringheight and easy stringbending.22 Medium jumbo frets(=1 extra fret).Sounds acousticly like a Fender USA -52 Tele Reissue and plays great too!Pro gigbag included.SISTA EXET NU innan SLUTSÅLDA...Passa på!. Superdeal SMARTMANs Fender Telecaster 2995 SEK

Fender Amp:

Fender Amp: Bassman Blackface Top + 212 Speaker Blackface Cab. 1965.ex- cond.

The top is dated 1965 and newly renovated with needed caps.All checked and bias set.The 2 x 12 cab is from the 1960s blackface era, it has 2 newer Jensen C12Q speakers (made 2001).Correct 4 ohms wiring.Incl custom made cover for the 212 cab.Factory original 220 volt.Sounds great & strong. . 19500 SEK

Fender Amp: Bassman top 50 watt.Chromeface 1976

Exportversion with 110-240 volt selector.Newly serviced with needed new caps and bias set. btw: All Fenders before 1982 ca are handmade without printed circuitboards (much better quality and sound).A midrange tone knob installed on the back panel (only works on normal channel).Sounds legendary great! . 9500 SEK

Fender Amp: Bassman Top 50 watt.Chromeface. 1971.

50 watt top.Chassi Dated 15 July 1971.Newly restored with new capacitors, tubes and bias set.Ground switch taken away and instead a midrange tone knob installed on the back panel (only works on normal channel).New powertransformer 240 volt.Sounds great.. 11000 SEK

Fender Amp: Deluxe Reverb Silverface. 1969.Vg cond.

Original speakercloth with aluminiumedge. Superb quality of old vintage Fenders. NOT a reissue with printed circuitboard, this is the real deal with hand soldered components.Upgraded capacitors for best sound.New Accutronic vintage 2 spring reverb tank-sounds great.Blue colored 12 inch (Jensen?) speaker from 1960s (reconed).Sounds Amazing!.110 volt.

Fender Amp: Hot Rod Deluxe Lacquered Tweed. Limited NAMM Edition.ALNICO Jensen P12N. 2003.Used, mint cond.Original with Jensen P12N.

Very rare-only 200 made:2003 Namm Show Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Lacquered Tweed. It pumps 40 watts into a single 12” Special Design ALNICO Jensen P12N ® speaker fueled by two 6L6 Groove Tubes® output tubes and three 12AX7 preamp tubes. Its two channels (normal with bright switch, and drive) are voiced for classic blues, country and rock; other features include Fender® spring reverb, effects loop, two-button channel footswitch, laquered tweed covering, chicken head knobs and chrome control panel. "In the spring of 2003 Fender released a special run of lacquered tweed Hot Rod Deluxes with an alnico speaker (Jensen P12N)." "Very rare-only 200 made:2003 Namm Show Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Lacquered Tweed. In general the Blues DLX and Hot Rod DLX amps are similar. The BD will not stay as clean at higher volumes due to the 3rd stage always being active. The HR has "improved" distortion (drive) with "more drive" added. The HR has fuller reverb and an extension speaker jack. Both are good designs with plenty of classic Fender tone.. 8900 SEK

Fender Amp: Musicmaster Bass combo AMP. 1971.Vg+ cond.

Newly renovated & upgraded with new tubes, tube holders and capacitors.Better then ever.Original 1 x 12 inch speaker.Sounds great on guitar Rare amp.. Superdeal 6900 SEK

Fender Amp: Princeton Reverb II combo amp. 1983.Ex condition

1 x 12 combo.20watt. Original speaker (version2 with bigger magnet, dated 1983). Very rare Paul Riviera era handwired amp from 1982-1986.Original footswitch with lamps for channel switching and reverb included.Nice thick cover included.Added wheels for easier transportation.Fender sidestands added so it can be angled onstage for better sound.. 13500 SEK
More info here:

Fender Amp: Pro Reverb Blackface. 1967.

45 watt.Basically same amp as Super Reverb but with 2 x 12 inch speakers.AA165 wiring.PG date on sticker on cab makes it 1967.Original reverb tank & footswitch.New reissue speaker cloth.2 x 12 inch Fender speakers from 1979 reconed with early 60s Jensen type of cones by LW.Renovated with new fliter caps and uograded with some new Spraque and Mallory caps for best sound.110 volt original Powertrafo + original choke + original OT.Death cap removed and MID control installed there instead.Bias set with old but great sounding GE USA 6L6 tubes.Rare and great sounding combo!! Was 24900sek, now on sale:. Superdeal 19900 SEK

Fender Amp: Vibrolux Reverb. 1978.Ex cond.

40watt. Original 2 x 10 spk.Superb quality of old vintage Fenders. NOT a reissue with printed circuitboard, this is the real deal with hand soldered components.Upgraded capacitors for best sound: orange drops,Mallory and MICA.New Spraque filtercaps for best performance.Nice power tubes and bias set.Added midrange knob for normal channel on the back panel-great improvment! Sounds Amazing! . 21900 SEK

Gibson - SOLD

Gibson ES-225T. 1958.Ex cond.

Original Tobacco Sunburst..BRAZILIAN Rosewood fingerboard - with CITES certificate included.1 original P90 pickup, sounds strong and great! Reissue knobs.Original pots & cap .Original frets,nut and pickguard.Reissue Kluson tuners from Tone Pros..Wraparound string holder. Intonate fine with the 12-54 strings.Killer sounding 1950s vintage Gibson!! Nonorig hardcase.. BRAZILIAN Rosewood CITES certificate incl. Sold


Gretsch Electromatic 5255 Special Jet . 2005.Used, vg+ cond.

Jet Black.The Gretsch Electromatic Special Jet features a solid mahogany body with a mahogany set-in neck, rosewood fingerboard, two U.S. DeArmond® 2000 single-coil pickups, and wrap around bridge/tailpiece. .Gigbag.. Superdeal 4400 SEK


Guild CE-100 Archtop. 1960

Original Sunburst, very cool worn .Original "Franz" P-90 type pickup sounds fantastic! Plays like butter...Hardcase. Introduced in 1956, the Guild Capri CE-100 was positioned as a direct competitor to the Gibson ES-175, but today is a much rarer model. This single pickup version (CE-100) debuted in 1959, and like the Gibson, has a 16" arched maple body, 24 3/4" scale and Florentine cutaway. With its 2 7/8" depth body, the Capri is slightly shallower than its Gibson counterpart, very easy under the arm, and anticipated by decades the slimmer body profile of the D'Aquisto-inspired electrics so popular with players today. Made in Guild's Hoboken, New Jersey factory, where the firm operated for its formative era from 1956 to 1969. This model has the Chesterfield style headstock, Guild pickguard, and block position markers in the solid Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. A versatile model, and a best buy in a true '60s guitar, the CE-100 is an outstanding value in a hard-working classic jazz box.. 22500 SEK


Hagström Amp.Model 85 reverb combo 1966ca.

Everything works.The first transistor model amp in the world? 2 x 12 inch alnico speakers.Inkl cover. Crazy deal .Tidigare pris 3500 SEK. NU 2450 SEK


Kornett Getzen.MODEL 800 LB (Large Bore). .Excellent condition.

With orig leather hardcase.7 mouthpieces included.Serialnumber #EC412x. Make us an offer.. Crazy deal .TIDIGARE PRIS 19500 SEK. NU 17500 SEK


Levin Acoustic Steelstring model 118. 1965

Black BRAZILIAN Rosewood fingerboard.Great Mahogany back of neck.Upgraded with genuine bone nut and saddle.1 owner guitar! EXP 11-52 strings.

Levin Acoustic Steelstring model 124 1963.

Sunburst.Nize rw.

Levin Acoustic Steelstring model 133. 1970.Ex cond.

All solid woods & Nitro finish off course.New strings and perfect setup with EXP11-52 by Mr tiptop...New genuine BONE saddle for best tone, volume and sustain. Non-cutaway. Concert size: Body width: 360 mm. Body length: 465 mm. Body depth: 98 mm. Fingerboard width: 45 mm. Scale length: 630 mm. Spruce top with undetermined bracing. Birch back & sides. Double-bound top. Unbound back. Mahogany neck. Unbound rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlay. Rosewood bridge. Nickel plated tuners with white plastic buttons. Matte natural finish..

Levin Acoustic Steelstring PARLOR model 134. 1966

Upgraded with new genuine unbleached bone saddle.Nize rw in fretboard and bridge.

Levin Archtop model:335. 1962.

Original Sunburst.Factory installed Dearmond pickup in neck position.Original tuners, pickguard and bridge.Nonoriginal hardcase included..


PRS Hollowbody II 2002.New Old Stock.Mint condition.

Violin Amber Sunburst.Moon inlays.Deep and beautiful 3 dimensional flamed maple top and back.The looks matches the sound,which you have to try.....5350usd in USA (july 2017) or TIP TOPs. Crazy deal 29500 SEK

PRS McCarty SOLID Rosewood neck. 2001New Old Stock.Mint condition.

Violin amber. Killer 10 top! SOLID rosewood neck and fingerboard with no finish for that great woody feeling,best sustain and fat & twangy tone:This neck makes the singlecoil sounds more correct! Push/pull on tone knob for single coil sounds. Listprice when new:30100 + 5200 (10 top) + 5100 (solid rosewood neck) = 40400 sek TIP TOPs . Crazy deal TIDIGARE PRIS 40400 SEK. NU: 23500 SEK
More info here:

PRS McCarty Standard. 1999

Vintage Cherry on dark and beautiful mahogany.No maple top.Custom ordered with Gold hardware.Push-pull on tone knob for singlecoil on both pickups.This PRS is on the COVER 2002 PRS BOOK + big photo inside the book also !!. Crazy deal 13500 SEK


Shine Razor Artist. New.

Translucent Red ASH body.Birds & Flower pearl inlayed fingerboard!!Grover tuners.Strings trough body.Top-Of -Line model. TT Hardcase.. Crazy deal TIDIGARE PRIS 7740 SEK. NU 3495 SEK

Shine Bass

Shine Bass 702 Jazz bass. NEW.

Solid Paulonia body.Lightweight -very suitable for younger people or if you are just tired of heavy basses.Shine Pro gigbag included.Great bass!. 2780 SEK

Shine Bass 704 Music Man Stingray copy. New.

Sunburst.Incl thick gigbag!Listprice:2795sek.TIP TOPs. Crazy deal LIST PRIS 2795 SEK. NU 1895 SEK

Shine Bass 920-W.Standard.MEDIUM SCALE! New.

Sunburst.MEDIUM SCALE,great for guitarplayers, younger people or if you want that extra FAT sound that a medium scale will give you.!!Pro gigbag included.Colors:black or 3 tone sunburst.Regular price 3495 sek incl tax.. Superdeal .LIST PRIS 3495 SEK. NU 2895 SEK

Tube Rectifier:

Tube Rectifier: 5U4GB / 5AS4A General Electric 1970s, NOS = New Old Stock from the 1970s!

Super quality not found in new rectifier tubes.. 350 SEK


Tube: 6L6 type: KT66 / 1622 Sovtek. . New.

FREE matching by our digital tube matcher.New very LOW prices -compare! Nya LÅGA priser - jämnför gärna!TIP TOP har lägst pris i Sverige!Price per tube . Superdeal 290 SEK

Tube: EL34 EH Electro-Harmonix . New.Test: 17/20.

FREE matching by our digital tube matcher.New very LOW prices -compare! Nya LÅGA priser - jämnför gärna!TIP TOP har lägst pris i Sverige!Price per tube:. Superdeal 180 SEK

Vi gör de flesta typer av reparationer av gitarrer och äldre rörförstärkare (Fender, Marshall, Vox).Egen import av rör-kanonpriser! VÄLKOMMEN in eller ring för mer info:08 - 642 7300.

Vi gör de flesta typer av reparationer av gitarrer och äldre rörförstärkare (Fender, Marshall, Vox).Egen import av rör-kanonpriser! VÄLKOMMEN in eller ring för mer info:08 - 642 7300. Öppet: Tis-Fre 13-18, Lör 12-15.



Vox AC-30

Mint cond. Original with Celestion speakers.Incl manual & cover.Made in China.. 7495 SEK